Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Saturday Scott and I went on another adventure!! We hiked up to Timp Cave!! It was so much fun!! We started out at 7:00 am and got up the Canyon in no time!! Did I mention that it was freezing!! Well it was, and of course I didn't bring a jacket!! So it was a quick stop by the gift shop and then on to the hike!! I didn't really know what to expect!!! The hike wasn't that bad actually it killed me more on the way down!! Once we got to switch back #6 Payton wanted to be done!! Scott just kept telling him that it would be worth it!! We were only about a 1/4 of the way there!! We had fun telling stories and singing on the way up!! That is until we got to the sign that said beware of rattle snakes!! I think I picked up my pace more at that moment!! When we got up there it was so worth it!! Our tour guide was really cute!! ha ha!! No that's not why, that place is amazing!! Really, it was so cool!! Kelsea really thought that we were going to run into cougar while we were inside!! I didn't realize how big it really was!! Poor Payton hit his head more than I could count!! Baylee was in awe like the rest of us!! Did I mention that it was freezing!! The Jacket I bought was so worth it!! By the time we got out of the cave we were dreaming of hamburgers and cheese fries!! We made it down in good time!! Kelsea wanted to eat lunch at the Training Table!! That food never tasted so good!! I had so much fun with Scott and his kids!! I can't wait until I do it again!! So, whats next hiking buddy?


My favorite place in the whole world is our Cabin at Soldier Creek!! I was so excited to spend a week there this year!! No cell phones, no stress, just a week to relax!! And read Breaking Dawn!! Man was that good!! I can't wait for the movie!! Keli and her kids plus Sydnee stayed the week too!! Grandma Chris and Aunt Janet came up Monday night!! We spent the week watching movies, dancing on the deck (Well the kids danced) , reading books, hiking, four wheeling, and of course eating all day long!! Keli had a craft a day for the kids, we painted rocks and made bags and frames and colored pictures!! They always asked every morning when they would get to do a craft!! I think it was their favorite time of the day!! They also spent most of their time outside playing and hiking!! It took Britton 5 days to climb up this one side of the mountain!! We kept telling him to keep trying and he did and finally made it up!! Sydnee, Morgan and I hiked down to the lake!! It was such a pretty day and the girls were so excited that I let them get wet!! It was funny watching them play!! I don't think they liked hiking back all wet!! The best part of the week was when the rest of the Family came up!! As you can tell I love my Family!! It was fun spending time with them! We had fun watching the Olympics and just hanging out!! But the best part was the CHICKEN TACOS!!!