Monday, November 10, 2008


Yesterday would have been my Dad's 61st Birthday! My Dad past away when I was eight years old! I think that I am the only one in my family that has a hard time remembering a lot about him! I have memories of him watching my soccer games chewing on a piece of grass, or walking in from work and giving me a big hug, Sunday dinners are my favorite! They are memories that I cherish! He was such an amazing person and he loved my family so much! I sometimes sit and think about how life would be if he was still here and I know one thing for sure he would have loved being a Grandpa! Happy Birthday Daddy! Love you and I miss you everyday!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Okay so this year for my Birthday I told Jillian that I really wanted to go to the Jazz season opener! Well time went by and we had no time to even look for tickets! Then I get a phone call from my cousin Marie and she had six tickets and was wondering if me and Jillian would want to go!! I didn't even have to ask Jillian but I called and she of course said YES LETS GO!! We had the best time! My cousin Brianne came with us and it was the first time that she has been to a real Jazz game!! She was so excited when we got up there and I will never forget her face when the game started! After the Jazz beat Denver we went down to watch the after show! Thurl Bailey's body guard came up to us and asked if we wanted to meet him! I don't know who was more excited Brianne or Jillian but of course we said YES! We got pictures with him and boy, is he TALL!! At that moment I didn't think that Brianne could get more excited until I told her that we could go around and watch the players leave in there cars! I have to admit I was dying to see them leave too! After a little wait we saw Kyle Korver leave! Brianne was shocked that he was actually there and I think that Jillian and I were so excited that he was actually one foot away that we couldn't work our cameras! But we did get a picture of his hand and car after we realized what was going on! lol I think I am in LOVE... ha ha just kidding!! Kyle drove up by Brianne but because the crowd was so excited to see him they were getting out of control and the security made him leave! We were sad but I have to tell you that just seeing him MADE my night!! lol We waited for a while longer and got to see a lot of them leave but then we got to meet Brewer and CJ Miles! They were really nice and stopped and gave us their autograph! They used Jillian's pen and she wouldn't let any of us touch it! Oh man that was a good night!! It was one of the BEST nights I have had! I had so much fun with my cousins! I will never forget it! Thanks Weezie for making it happen! I had a ton of fun with you girls!!
Brianne and Big T!

Brewer saying Hi to Brianne! He is so HOT!!

CJ Miles and Brianne! Sorry I cut him out Brianne!