Thursday, January 29, 2009


I just had to show you guys just how cute my nephew is! Tyler is the only one that will go out and help Buddy shovel snow and clean off the cars! Well I was getting ready to go home a couple weeks ago and there is Ty working away cleaning off my car! I just think he is the best!! I tried to help him but he wouldn't let me! He is so funny!! Then he noticed that I was taking pictures so I had to take fifty billion of us with our Ute beanies on! The snow was coming down and he wouldn't keep his eyes open! So he would look at the picture and just say "again, again!!" What can I say, He is so stinking cute!! I am so glad that I have Tyler and Buddy to Help me on snowy days! Thanks you two you are the BEST!!
What a Guy!!

Hard at work!

They are awesome!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


5 Things I am addicted to.....

5- RUNNING- I know what you are thinking why would she be addicted to running, but I have to tell you that when I run I feel so much better about myself and the way that I am! Last night I went running with my sister and my cousin and even though I am a little rusty It felt GREAT!! I guess it's the fact that every time I run I challenge myself!

4- THIS BLOG- ha ha you are probably laughing but I love this thing! I have to get on every day and see what people have written and if I have any comments! I love that most of my family are on here because it is a way that we can keep track of each other!! Not to mention I get to see all of the cute pictures that they put up!!

3-LOST- Yes I am addicted to LOST!! I am so excited because the new season just started last week!! If any one that reads this is looking for a suspenseful, always keeps you guessing, can't miss show, than Lost is for you!! I can't wait to see what is going to happen this season!! Its so good!!

2- TEXTING- Yes I admit it..... I am a texting fool!! I don't know what it is about it but sometimes I would rather text than talk!! ha ha I bet some of you know what I am talking about. It is so bad that Tyler knows the difference between my ring and a message!! Ha ha he is only 3!! Maybe I need to work on that one!

1-HOLDING JACKSON- Yes, I am admitting I have a PROBLEM! Every time this cute baby cries I pick him up!! He is so spoiled and he knows it!! lol All he has to do is let out a whimper and I am there to rescue him!! (Not only me, Mom too!) This week we have been trying to break him of the habit of being held all the time!! But well........ ha ha Keli goes back to work next week so it would only make things easier! Man, he is so dang cute!!!

K- Now Weezie, Emily, Kira, Deborah and Emily H. You have been tagged!! I can't wait to read what you are addicted to!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


We have a new member of the family..... Well at least Tyler thinks so!! This is Tyler's new best friend BEARY! Tyler and Beary do everything together!! They eat, drink, sleep and anything else that a three year old can think of! Beary likes to swing, ride the rocking horse, color, watch baby toons, and even take a bath when Mom isn't looking!! The other day we were eating at Becky's for lunch and the boys were sitting at the bar and of course Beary had his own seat!! Tyler just looked at me and said " Beary is hungry too," I just smiled and said "Well its a good thing he has his own seat!" Tyler shares eveything with Beary, his food, his drinks and even his little brothers blankets! Its so funny! Today Keli walked in the front room and Tyler put his finger over his mouth and said, "SHHHH Beary is SLEEPING!" I think we both had to be quit for an hour so we wouldn't wake Beary up! Tyler takes Beary everywhere and when he can't find him everyone has to drop what they are doing, Tyler will yell "BEARY WHERE ARE YOU" and we can't stop looking until he is found! I think it is so funny! I am so glad that Tyler has Beary, I know Keli and Buddy will agree! You can tell that he loves him and I know that they will be friends for a long long time!!

Monday, January 12, 2009


Buddy and Keli welcomed a new addition to their family this week! Jackson was born on January 7th 2009, 9lbs 10 oz, and 21 inches long! Keli is doing great! She is tired and we are both trying to get this baby thing down again! Morgan thinks that Jackson is the best! Britton doesn't quite know what to think about him! He is just glad that his Mom is finally home!! Tyler doesn't really get this whole baby thing! But he loves him and gives him kisses every once in a while!! I love the little guy!! He is so stinking cute!! Buddy has a nick name for all of his kids and so far Jackson is Jack! Jackson and Keli had a lot of visiters while they were in the hospital! Everyone has their opinion of what the little guy looks like, some say Buddy and Grandma Johnson thinks he looks just like my Dad! I guess we will see! Keli was in the hospital for four days and we were ready for her to come home by the time the fourth day came around! Buddy's Mom and sister came down and that was a BIG help to us! Britton had a hard time letting his Grandma out of his sight! It was so funny! Now they are home and Jackson knows who his Mom and Dad are for sure, all they have to do is walk in the room and talk and he wiggles and squirms! He is a very good eater and he loves to be wrapped up tight!! He is also very spoiled but who wouldn't be with a Mom and a Sister and an Aunt that holds you all the time! I am so glad that he is FINALLY here! ( I know Keli is too!!) He is changing everyday! I love him so much and I am excited to see him grow up!!