Thursday, March 26, 2009


Happy Birthday Luva!!

Today Morgan turned 7!! It has kind of become a tradition in the family to write as many things that you love about someone as the age they are turning, so here are Keli's seven things she loves about Morgan! ( I think Buddy would agree with her!!)!

Keli's 7 things she loves about Luva Lu!!

1- I LOVE how Morgan takes care of her brothers!

2- I LOVE how much she likes to read!

3-I LOVE how she does her own hair!

4- I LOVE her Laugh!! It is so cute and funny!

5-I LOVE how she Loves to dance!! She is our little Ballerina!

6-I LOVE it when she sings like McKenzie!!

7- and I LOVE how she loves to watch TWILIGHT over and over!! I don't know if she understands it but she loves it!!

I would have to agree with Keli on all of these!!! Morgan is such a sweetheart! I cannot believe that she is 7 already and I can't forget Baylee!! Happy Birthday Bay! I can't believe you are 12!! I love you both!! Happy Birthday!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So this past weekend I got to go to Mesquite with my sisters, Mom Grandma, Aunts and Cousins! We had the funnest time! Here are some of the pictures we took!!Becky, Keli and Me! Gotta love our glasses!Me and Keli!! Ready for a night on the town!!
We were trying to get Grandma to pose!! She is so cute!!Playing cards!! I think it was like 2 am!!
Keli and Becky were posing for me !
All o f us with Grandma!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Last night was the night that Jillian and I have been waiting for, for weeks!! About a month ago we decided that we were going to splurge and buy tickets to the Jazz game! We went all out and bought tickets on the third row! Yes, I got to go to the Jazz game and sit on the third row!! It was amazing and we had the funnest time! We got a sign that said " We've come to see our BOYS" and then it had the numbers of our favorite players! Of course we had to have #26 a little bit bigger than the rest because he is our #1!! :) I think that we both were excited and nervous when we got there. I couldn't believe how close our seats were to the court! Jillian was so excited and nervous she started shaking and I have to admit I was to! We were so close! I think we both died inside when Korver came out on the court to warm up! He is DREAMY! All we did the whole time he came our way is snap pictures! Ya, we are a little crazy! Ha Ha!! The game was awesome!! Jazz won and then it was over before I knew it! I didn't think that a basketball game could go by so fast! I had so much fun and I am so glad that I could go with Jillian! She is my best friend and I don't know what I would do with out her! Now we have to think of something even better than this Jill, but I don't think we can top being this close to KORVER!