Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Owl's Game!!!

We went to the Owl's game this last week!! Scott, Buddy, Keli, Taylor, Baylee, Morgan, Kelsea, Payton, Britton, Tyler and Me!! Keli and I sat on the grass and watched the game while the kids played!! I don't think we saw the little ones the whole time!! Buddy and Scott had the good seats!! So of course we didn't see them until it was over!! Taylor slept through about half of it and Britton didn't leave Keli's sight!! Baylee was my helper!! We went and got food and treats for everyone!! Kelsea watched the little kids at the playground!! It was so fun watching the game!! Plus they have got a bunch of HOT players on their team!! Especially the catcher that warmed up the pitchers!! Hmm...DREAMY!!! Don't worry I got pictures but I think I am going to keep them all to myself!! About the sixth inning of the game we got camera happy!! I had so much fun with my girls!! Taylor and Baylee!! We had the best time snapping pictures of each other!! It lasted for what seemed like hours!! I have never laughed as much with them as that night!! Taylor is so funny she is never serious!! As you can see!!! She got so close to licking my face!! She kept getting mad cause I kept cutting her out! I swear on my life it wasn't on purpose!! I just didn't want her to lick me!! Love you Tay!! It was the funnest night!! I had fun spending time with these kids! Maybe it was because Baylee mentioned that it was fun to hang out with me!! Ha Ha!! NO its just cause I love them!! This was so much fun!! I LOVE my family so much!! I hope that we can do this again!! Thanks guys for letting me come!!

Sawyer Brown!!!

Last week was so much fun!!! My sister Becky loves me so so so much!! Her friend Brenda got extra tickets to see SAWYER BROWN and asked if we could go!!!! Of course I said YES, you can't turn down a chance to see them in concert!! They are the best!! For those of you who haven't seen them you are missing out!! REALLY!!! It is one of the best concerts that I have been too!! Mark Miller, the lead singer, can dance and sing and not get out of breath at all!! I don't know how he does it!! He has so much energy!! Not to mention he is really really good looking!! Plus they have the best music!! I loved it!! Thanks so much Becky and Brenda for thinking of me!! It was a total BLAST!!! Thank you, Thank you!!!

The Y!!!

Last weekend my brother Scott called and asked me if I would want to go and hike the Y with him!! I was so excited not just to hike the Y but to spend time with him!! My Dad passed away 17 years ago and so on the anniversary of his passing Scott decided that he wanted to do something that my Dad always said he wanted to do!! I am just glad that he chose me to share it with!! We started up the mountain at 7:30 and man was I excited!! About half way up I was wondering why in the heck I wanted to do this!! It is so so steep!! But I kept on going cause I didn't want to look like a BABY!! Anyways we made it to the top!! Oh and I am so so glad that I stuck with it!! The view was amazing!! It was so awesome to look out over the valley!! I was so excited that I did it I called my mom and woke her up to tell her that we made it!! I don't think she was too happy cause it was still early!! In all it took us about 45 minutes to get up and 20 to get down!! After we got down Scott took me around BYU campus!! It is a beautiful place never really noticed being a UTAH fan and all!! Then we went to Beto's and shared a breakfast burrito!! I had so much fun spending time with my brother!! He reminds me a lot of my Dad!! He is an amazing person and and the best example!! I love you Scott!! I can't wait to do it again!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Catching Up!!!

Well this summer has been a Crazy one!! I thought I might catch you up on a couple of things!! First Memorial day was fun!! I spent the weekend with my mom and sister!! We went to the cabin for the day!! They were burning wood in the back and my cousin Jeff put this wood box on top of the fire!! At first it was just a little fire but when it burned through the flames grew!! I have never seen anyone run as fast as my cousins did for the hose!! Luckily they got it out in time!! I tried to get a picture of the flames but it was kinda crazy!! I love going up there and spending time with everyone!!

Then there was the Trip to Thomas the Train!! We woke up so excited and then looked out the window and it was pouring!! It was so so so cold!! And of course it was hot and sunny the day before so all we had to wear were shorts and sandals!! Ty and Britton were so excited this year!! We got to ride Thomas and meet the conductor!! Then the kids got to go to the activities!! They had trains set up that the boys LOVED!!!! They didn't want to leave!! They also had a petting zoo and of course a gift shop!! That was a chore getting Tyler out of there!! It was all in all a fun day!! Gotta love Utah weather!!!

I watched Kyles girls for like five days at the first of June!! They are so so cute!! I loved it!! We had fun just playing at Keli's and stuff!! Josie loved going there until she could hear the Peacock!! She would have to say, No, no, Peacock!! For some reason that made it better! Oh man she is cute!! Halli and Morgan danced all day long I swear!! By the time I took the girls back to there house they were so ready for bed!! I had so much fun with them!! Thanks for letting me tend ya!!

My family had a weekend at the cabin in June!! Oh man I love it up there!! Everyone was there at some point!! It was so fun!! We played cards and of course ate and ate and ate!! The kids had fun playing at little rock!! They all love to stand there and wave to those that drive by!! Oh ya, we had a drama!! Ha Ha you will have to check out Becky's Blog to get that story!! It is kinda funny!! Riley made us pancakes!! He has to from now on cause he hates the we cook them!! Cause you always throw the first batch away!!! Lol I love you Riley!! We ended the night with the best chicken tacos ever!! Oh I love those!! It was a really great weekend!! I love being with my family!!!


In May I had the best experience!! I got to go to Seattle, not only to visit my cousin Lindsey and her husband Nate, but I also ran a 10 k!! Something I never thought I would do!! The minute we got there Jillian and I went on a walk to see the sights!! It was so cool to walk out the door and have the beach right there!! Not to mention its so beautiful!! The next day Lindsey took us around downtown Seattle!! It was so much fun riding the water taxi and seeing the sights!! We also got to go to a Mariners game!! Now that was fun!! I can't remember if they won or not but I was just excited to be there!! Race day came too fast!! Getting up at 5 in the morning wasn't the funnest but in the end it was worth it!! The race was so hard but fun!! Jillian was the one that kept me going through out the race!! I don't know what I would have done without her!! We started the race together and ended together!! It only took us and hour and forty minutes!! I am very proud of us!! I was so sad to leave!! Seattle is so pretty and I hope I can go back!! Plus Nate can make a way yummy pita pizza!!!


Well I have told everyone in my family to do a BLOG so I figured I better start one!! I am going to try and write about me but I am a nanny for my sister and her kids are pretty much my life!! So I hope you don't mind if I tell about them too!! Life has been pretty crazy this year!! I have had a lot of fun!! Seattle, running in a 10 k, and pretty much just spending the day with three of the cutest kids ever!! I hope when I get hitched and have kids they can be as cute as them!! Morgan is six and just finished kindergarten!! Britton is four and has more energy than anyone I know!! Tyler is the youngest and he has me wrapped around his finger!! Oh man I am going to try and make this about me but hey, I can't help it!! lol