Friday, February 27, 2009


Last night Jillian and I went to the Rascal Flatts concert!! It was amazing!! The whole way up to Salt Lake I was so nervous because I needed to get the tickets before the show started and of course because of me, we were running late!! We got the tickets with 10 minutes to spare and that gave us enough time to go and buy a shirt! When we got into the concert I about died because we got 6th row on the floor!! AMAZING seats! We could see everything! Jessica Simpson opened the show for them! She was good but we ready to see the boys! When the lights went out we started SCREAMING, and then there they were!! RASCAL FLATTS!! Man, those three can really sing! (Not to mention Joe Don is very good looking...) Ha Ha They sang almost all of their hits and they kept the party going! We had so much fun singing and dancing, we were LOVING it!! We were having fun! I didn't want the night to end! But before we knew it, it was over!! It was AWESOME! Last night was probably one of the best shows Rascal has put on. (Trust me, I have been to a few! Ha Ha) I was so glad that Jillian went with me this year! I love going to things with her! Especially when she serenades me! :) Jillian we have always said that we were going to go see them one day and last night was a BLAST!! Thanks so much for going with me! I can't wait to go to another one!! We will definitely be saving our pennies for next year!!

Gary can SING!!! Oh I love his Voice!!

Jay is just AWESOME!!Joe Don is a HOTTIE!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Last Thursday I got a call from my AWESOME brother and sister and they had two extra tickets to the Jazz game and they wanted to know if I wanted to go! Of course I said YES and called Jillian right away! The game was awesome! Our FAVORITE player, Kyle Korver, had his first NBA start and he kicked butt the whole game. He even scored 20 points which was his highest ever! Jillian and I were so excited that we could be there to witness this happen!! ha ha! After the game we headed to our normal spot (thanks to Scott) to watch the players leave! We had our cameras ready because as most of you know we were so shocked to see Kyle last time we forgot to take a picture! This time it was COLD so we were singing and dancing trying not to freeze to death! And of course here he came and what did we do???..... The same thing as last time....... haha ! One of these times I am going to get a picture of that man! lol But here are some fun pictures that we took while we were waiting! I have so much fun with Jillian no matter what we do! I am so glad that I have her around! Thanks Jill for all that you do for me! I love you to death, and I can't wait until the 28th!!! :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Well it is official! Keli went back to work this week and I am all alone with the kids again! Ha Ha! I am excited and a little nervous at the same time! Yesterday wasn't so bad except for the fact that I was sick, Tyler started a fever, Jackson was more fussy than usual and Morgan came home from school with a tummy ache! Lets just say that my first official day back was CRAZY!! But I wouldn't change it for the world! So I thought I would write 10 reasons why I LOVE my JOB!!

10- When I walk through the door in the morning and Tyler yells, "STACY'S HOME!"

9-Their laughs! I don't know what it is about it but I love them!!

8- Britton's face when he has a GREAT IDEA!! He just lights up!

7- Morgan when she reads something for the first time! She just read her first chapter book!

6-Jackson, need I say more! He is so cute!

5- Tyler and Beary! That kid takes that bear everywhere!

4-When I am having a bad day all that these four have to do is SMILE at me and I forget why my day got so bad!

3- Sitting on the couch every morning and watching baby tunes with Tyler! He can't take his eyes away! He loves it!

2-Having Picnics! Britt always remembers the katsup!

1-The fact when I am not with them I MISS them like crazy!!

Even though yesterday was CRAZY I am reminded each minute the reasons why I am here! My job is the BEST!! I am so happy to have it and to spend all the time with these kids that I can! They are amazing and they teach me something new everyday!! Thank you Keli and Buddy for sharing your kids with me!! I love you guys!!