Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Every year Buddy and Keli take there kids to Breakfast with Santa......This year they invited me! I was so EXCITED to go and see what this Breakfast was all about. We had to wake up really really early to make it there just in time to see Santa and have a Yummy Breakfast!! Britton and Tyler were so excited when Santa walked in, Morgan, on the other hand, was a little nervous. but once she decided that it was okay to sit on Santa's lap......she was just fine! The kids got to get a picture with SANTA, make ornaments, and their own gingerbread houses! They LOVED every minute of it!! Just seeing their smiling faces makes everything worth it! I had a BLAST and I cannot wait for next year!!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Two weeks ago I finally had the chance to take Brynn on our Birthday date!! I was so EXCITED and I think that she was too!! When I picked her up she was all ready to go and was excited to see me. I have to admit I was kind of wondering if she would go with me, but she just told her Mom bye and jumped in the car! The whole way to Orem she told me and My cousin Jillian all about Troy and Gabriella!! High School Musical is her FAVORITE! She even sang one of the songs! She is so cute! When we got to the mall she was excited because she knew that we were going to Build A Bear! I have never been there before but Bryn spotted the store and headed to pick out what she wanted! She picked out a Pink Fuzzy Teddy Bear, stuffed it, gave it a bath, and picked out some PJ's for it to wear! Then she named her Bear, Amelia! She was so excited that the minute we paid and were out of the store she had to get Amelia out of her little house and get her dressed! Next we put Amelia to sleep in her little house and headed for Cold Stone for some Ice cream! Bryn had to get Pink with Sprinkles and of course me and Jillian got Cake Batter with Brownies, so YUMMY! After Ice cream we headed for the car, Bryn had to put Amelia in a seat belt on the way home! She needed to be safe too!

I am so lucky to share a Birthday with Brynlee!! This is a memory that I will never forget and I hope that we can have a new one each year!! I LOVE YOU BRYN!! HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Friday we went to Cornbelly's and the kids had a BLAST! We went on EVERYTHING, Tyler and Britton LOVED to ride the bike/cars, Morgan LOVED the jumping pillows and I think watching the kids have so much fun was my favorite! Buddy on the other hand had fun shooting the pumpkins! Keli took the day off just for this and was so EXCITED to come with us this year but she got so sick! We love you Keli, you need to come next year for sure!

We stayed there almost all day and had so much fun with the cousins! Riding on the Hayride, Racing Ducks, Riding the Cow train, going through the Haunted BEAST, and getting lost in the Corn Maze! This has become one of our favorite things to do during October!

After Cornbelly's we went to dinner with Max and Becky and their kids! I had so much fun with the kids! We Ate and laughed and had a really fun time! Thanks Max and Becky for inviting us to come! I had so much fun!!

Wicthes Night!!

This past week we went up to Gardner Villiage for Family Night to see the Witches House! It was so fun! We got to go on a Hayride and they took us to where the Witches live! The Kids were so EXCITED and couldn't wait to see them! There were Three witches, One Purple witch, who told the kids that she Loved both BYU and Utah because red and blue make PURPLE , Another Witch named Meldew, Yes she was green and Jackson was so scared of her, and another Witch who was in all red, this was Morgans FAVORITE, she told us all about Witchs and how they make wart potions and their brooms! It was so cute! After we meet the witches we went back to the village and had dinner and then walked around to find all if the Witches that were hiding! I think that Morgan was the most EXCITED about this part! They had Witches everywhere and they were so fun to see! Jillian was scared of them after I mad the mistake of saying "What if they came alive?" , but she did get her picture taken with me even though she didn't want to touch them!!! Thanks Jig you are the best!! We even danced in the middle of the square, I didn't realize that Keli was such a good dancer and her kids loved every minute of it! This was a fun family night! Thanks Keli and Buddy for letting me and Jillan tag along! It was so much fun!!

Friday, October 9, 2009


Well I know that it has been a while since I have written but so far this fall life has been very busy! The kids started school.... Soccer started and ended......Utah football's season is finally here and to top it all off I moved!! So I am going to try my best to catch you up!! Warning...... this post may be LONG!! :)


Summer is over and school was here before we knew it!! Morgan was so excited about the first day of school, her teachers name is Mrs. Sayers and she is in the same class with Spencer and Jake! I still cannot believe that they are all in Second Grade!! They are going to have a good year...I hope!!

Tyler started Pre- school the same day as Morgan! He Loves school this year! His Teachers Name is Mrs. Julie and Tyler couldn't be happier!! They have already been on two field trips, Colored, learned their 5 senses and made applesauce!! Every day when he wakes up he asks if it is a school day....Lets just say he isn't happy on Tuesdays and Thursdays!!

Britton started school about a week behind the rest! He LOVES Kindergarten!! His teacher is Mrs. Tanner and he loves going to school!! Everyday I take him, he gives everyone in the car a big kiss and hug and jumps out with a smile on his face!! I love that he is so happy when he goes!!

I think that this year is going to be a good year for all three of these kids!! They love school and are happy!!


Soccer started and ended already this year!! Keli and I coached the cousin team! We had Britton, Tyler, Mason and Zac all on the same team this year! They were so cute! Britton scored goals every game and that made Ty a little mad until one game Tyler scored his first goal!! He jumped and screamed and was so excited.....After that he would get the ball and just kick it towards the goal he was closest too!! Ya he scored a lot for the other team but we were just happy that he was having fun!!

Keli was a good coach to these guys!! The Blue Bears had an awesome season and we cannot wait until next year!!


Morgan started dance this year with a BANG!! At her first dance class Keli was invited to come in and talk to her teacher. Keli was wondering what Morgan had done to get in trouble on the first day but was surprised with what they had to say......Morgan is an excellent dancer and they would like her to join their company team!! They travel and compete and last year they won Nationals!! Morgan was so excited when she heard the news and now we have a full dance schedule!! Center Stage is now Morgans second home and she loves every minute of it!! We are so Proud of her!!!


Jackson is getting so BIG!! He is 10 months now and everywhere!! He is crawling and pulling himself up and loving being a terror!! The other day we couldn't find him and he managed to get into the kitchen and pull himself up to the garbage can.....we just hope that he didn't eat anything!! Jackson also get his first tooth this month and he chews on everything!! Becky taught him patty cake and he claps along with you as you say it! His favorite thing to to is shake his head when we say NO WAY!! He loves his sister and brother and the minute they get home from school he is in heaven! Jack is getting so big and will be walking before we know it!! I just love him!!

Jillian invited me to the cabin twice this year!! I couldn't resist the invite because I love spending time with her family!! The first time we went up we had a BLAST!! Jillian and I laid in bed all day and listened to Taylor Swift and ate candy!! We even made teeth out of Starburst was fun and Yummy!! Parker and Cayson even started liking me by the time we had to go home!! They are so cute!!

She also invited me again over Conference weekend!! I have never had so much fun. We played games, Laughed, Cried and listened to conference!! Cayson even became my buddy by Saturday and I loved it!! We walked up to big the freezing cold!! It was so much fun!! Jillian and I were in charge of dinner that night and so she got out the dough for bread sticks and let it rise.....Well by the time LUNCH came the dough was HUGE!!!! HA HA But we made the bread sticks any way and I have to admit they were the best I have ever had!! Thank you so Much Shelli, Amelia, Dallin, Cam , and Jillian for letting me come up there with you!! I had so much fun!! Love you guys!!
I think that pretty much gets you up to date on us!! Life is CRAZY BUT I LOVE IT!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Well a couple of months ago Jillian and I decided that we needed a Vacation and soon!! Florida was on both of our top ten lists so we figured why not!! We headed for a week of Micky Mouse, Roller Coasters and the Simpsons ride!!

Sunday July 5th we headed to the airport!! I have to admit I was a little nervous to be on a plane that long but once we got there we were ready to be gone!! We landed in Florida and the Humidity hit us right away!! I didn't think that we were going to survive the week!! ha ha Once we got to our hotel and checked in we headed to our room.......out of the corner of my eye I saw some thing move! Of course I saw a Lizard headed for our door!! I about died and freaked out thinking that it was going to come inside!! We ran to our room and shut the door fast!! That wasn't the last lizard we would see....

Monday we woke up excited!! We were heading to the Magic Kingdom!! Jillian had all of our days planned out and I just held on to her purse and followed!! We had some issues that day because of an accident that happened the night before so it took over an hour to get to the Magic Kingdom!! Once we got there we hit all of the rides and even checked out a couple of stores!! My favorite thing of the day is a toss up between Pirates and Jillian's banana!! (ha ha remember her face Jill?) But Pirates is my favorite ride, Jillian on the other hand had issues with it!! ha ha I love you Jillian!

Tuesday was by far one of my favorite days! We went to Disney Hollywood Studios!! First thing we went to was the Beauty and the Beast Show!! It was so amazing! After that we headed to the Rockin Roller Coaster!! (Linds those pics are on Jills camera) On the way to the roller coaster we found out just how fun the Florida rain is!! When it rains in Florida it pours!! We got stuck under the umbrella..... ( thanks Mom, that was the best thing I brought). The Rockin Roller Coaster is by far one of the busiest rides so we got fast passes for it and headed to other shows! We saw Little Mermaid and The Muppets 3D movie and even had some lunch!! Then it was back to the Roller coaster!! By far the best ride I have ever been on!! Standing in the rain all day was way worth it! Linds- you need to go!! All in all the 2nd day was going to be hard to beat!! Belle, Aerosmith, rain, and raisin feet!! ha ha

Wednesday we headed back to the Magic Kingdom to see the Parade and Shopping!! I of course wanted to go and ride Pirates again and Jillian was a good sport and went along with me!! ( I owe you for that Jig) The parade was fun!! All of the characters loved Jillian!! Two of them even kissed her hand!! lol I think that our favorite part of the Magic Kingdom was the Castle!! Wow, I wish I was Cinderella!! Ha ha !!! It was a fun day of shopping!! Oh ya, did I forget to mention it rained.....

Thursday we went to EPCOT!!! I cannot believe all of the stuff they have to do there!! It is so fun!! Jillian's favorite part was Honey I Shrunk the Audience!! ha ha Just Kidding!! She loved Soaring over California and I felt bad we only went on that once!! But it was by far the most popular ride at the park!! After all of the rides we headed around the lake! They have different countries that you can visit! It was so awesome to see!! Thursday was by far our tired day so after EPCOT we headed back and had a nap!! We were woken up by the Fire Alarm and had to evacuate the building!! ha ha But no worries there was no was just a little boy who thought it would be funny!! I don't think he was laughing when the fire department showed up!! Yes Thursday we learned that Every Body Comes Out Tired, fire alarms are loud and Jillian loves Michael Jackson!!

Friday we decided that we would go to Universal Studios and save the sunny day for the pool!! Well when we got there it was Hot!! The sun decided to shine!! I love the Florida sun when I can see it!! Universal was probably one of the funnest days! The Mummy Returns ride was one of my favorites!! It was CRAZY!! We went on Jaws, E.T., saw a Beetle Juice show, but I think our FAVORITE was The Simpsons!! That wasn't anything like I thought it was going to be!! It was so much fun!! After that we decided that we wanted to go and see the Shreck 4D movie! That was so much fun!! When we came out we got stuck in a thunderstorm!! It was crazy!! It lasted for an hour or two!! The lightning was hitting so close to us and it was raining so hard that we couldn't believe all of the people that kept on walking out in it!! When the rain stopped we headed to Dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe!! Yummy!!

Saturday we slept in, sat by the pool and actually soaked up the Florida sun!! It was so fun just to relax and take in everything!! I couldn't believe all of the Lizards that are there!! They would almost come up to you!! We walked around and did some shopping too!!! And once again we got caught in the rain!! Thank goodness we got smart and bought ponchos!! ha ha

Sunday was bitter sweet!! I was sad to leave but ready to come home!!

Florida is FASCINATING!! There is so much to do and you barely have time to do it all!! Thanks Jillian for going with me!! There is no one in the world that I would rather go with!! You are the best friend that anyone could ask for! I don't know what I would do with out ya!! Ramada!!

Monday, June 29, 2009


It is so CRAZY how time flies by!! Jackson is going to be Six months old in a week!! I cannot believe it! They grow up so fast! He learns something new every day! I cannot wait to see what he can do in the next six months!!

Keli told me this morning that they have started feeding him some cereal and fruit! She warned me that he doesn't like it very much but he needed to try it! Here are some pictures so you can see just how much he likes to keep it in his mouth!!! And can I just say even though he made a mess he is pretty DANG cute!
Getting ready!!

Look at that face!!


Thursday, June 25, 2009


Wow, June has been really busy!! The kids are all out of school and my life has gotten very CRAZY!! We have had a really good summer so far!

Morgan is having fun with all of her friends! The first thing she asks every morning is if she can play!! I think that it is so cute!

Britton started Kickball! He actually is starting to like it! I don't know if he really likes it or if it is because his friend and cousin Zac is on his team!!

Tyler follows his older brother everywhere! He tells me all the time that Britton is my best friend! He is getting so big!

Jackson grows everyday! He has started talking more and more! (da da da) He is learning how to sit up and he has started grabbing things!! He is such a happy baby but he won't giggle! He smiles really big but we have yet to hear him giggle!! He is such a good baby!!

I love these four kids! I know I say it all the time but I am so happy that I get to spend everyday with them! They are my world!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009



Tuesday night Becky and her girls, Shelli, Jillian and me went to Taylor Swift! Becky didn't tell her girls until an hour before! We had Sydnee read a card out loud to find out what the surprise was! This is what it said:
Today is the day, it is here at last
Your days of guessing are in the past
We got you something you will go CRAZY for
So grab your stuff and lets head out the door
We think that this is the best gift
Lets go to a concert and see

Kenzie was so excited, and I think Sydnee was in shock! When we got to the concert the girls got shirts and then we headed to our seats! Glorianna opened up for Taylor! They were really good! But we were all anxious for her to come out! When the lights dimmed Kenzie freaked out! It was so fun to watch Kenzie and Syd! I think they both loved every minute of it! My favorite part was when she came out in a Jazz jersey and sang! Taylor Swift put on an awesome show! It is probably the best concert I have ever been to. Even better than Rascal Flatts... and that says a lot because they are my favorite!! I love that she is such a good role model for kids! She was AMAZING! At the concert she had costume changes, Skits, there wasn't one boring moment! She is so talented and I am so glad that the girls got to go and see her in concert! I had so much fun singing until my throat hurt, dancing and just being with the girls! Thanks for letting me tag a long girls!! It was so much fun!!


Memorial day was a day of go go go!! But It was so much fun! We woke up early and got ready and headed to Heber to see Thomas the Train. Morgan was excited this year because Addisyn got to come along! Tyler was so excited the whole way up! When we got to the station and saw Thomas the boys screamed and clapped! They were so excited! This year we planned it exactly right so we had time to do all of the fun activities before the train ride. First stop was the tattoos. Morgan and Addisyn got pink trains, Britton got Herold the Helicopter and Tyler, of course got Thomas! Then we headed to the petting zoo, the activity center and we even got to meet Sir Toppin Hat!! lol ( I think that is how it is spelled) The train ride was fun!! Short but just enough for the kids to have fun. Tyler and Britton got to meet the conductor! They were pretty excited about that!

After Thomas we headed to Deer Creek to soak up the sun! I had so much fun catching up with everyone and riding in the boat! Keli didn't want her kids to get wet but we put life jackets on them anyway being that close to the water! It is a good thing we did because Tyler leaned a little too far and fell in! Good thing Zac was there to help him out!! Man, that was scary! Over all It was a really fun day! I think that we need to go up there again!

It has been one of those weeks where I swear I haven't had a minute to sleep! I have had so much fun with my family and I am so Glad that I got to share these experiences with them!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


April 7 th was an awesome day!! Jackson rolled over for the first time! We were at Becky's house and Max was playing with him and showing him how to roll and then all of the sudden he did it!! I had to grab the camera so Keli could see it! After he tried it once then he loved doing it! Now we can't keep him from moving!! Jack is such a good and happy baby! He is getting so big and FUN!! Jackson weighed 17.8 lbs and he is 27 inches long at 3 and a half months!! Yes he is a big baby!! He loves his swing, playing with his toys and telling Morgan stories!! I love that I get to spend everyday with him!! He is changing so much!! He is a good baby!!

Monday, May 11, 2009


The other day Tyler asked me if he could take his bubble mower outside and mow the lawn! I told him he could but he had to get his sandals on. It was warm that day so he had shorts and a tank top on! When I went out to see if he got them on I couldn't help but laugh! There he was out there just singing away with his snow boots and a beanie!! His cheeks were bright red!! I asked him if he was okay and all he said was "Silly Stacy, I'm workin." Ha ha He says the funniest things! I had to run and grab my camera because he looked so cute! I just love Tyler so much! He is such a cute little boy and a big helper!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Today is Tyler's 4 th Birthday!! I cannot believe how time flies by! Keli told me this morning that Tyler was the hardest baby to get here!! Tyler was by far Keli's biggest baby! We just cannot believe that he is 4 already! Keli also told me her top 4 things she loves about Ty!!

1- She loves that when he is serious he closes one eye and points!! Ha ha it is so cute!

2-She loves that his favorite place to go in the whole world is BECKY'S House!

3-She loves that his best friend is BEARY!

4-She loves that he will be playing and all of the sudden sing "Apple bottom jeans, jeans,"!!

Ha ha I think that Keli could have told me 100 more things about Tyler!! I am so EXCITED that its his birthday!! I am sad that he is growing up so fast!! Happy Birthday TY TY!!

Tyler's Best Friend is BEARY!! He can't go anywhere without him!
Tyler loves to sleep in his Mom and Dad's bed!!!

Tyler LOVES candy!! His favorite treat is a grab bag from Brookside!!