Thursday, October 27, 2011

Temple Square!!!

Jillian is the most amazing cousin and best friend a girl could ask for!! She knows me inside and out. We are two of a kind! This year for my Birthday she gave me something that i will never forget.  I was told that I needed to save Saturday October 15 th just for her, so I did.  When she got to my house that morning I knew whatever we were going to do would be fun because she was so excited!! She told me that the surprise was a day at Temple Square! I was super happy!! You see, The Salt Lake Temple is my favorite.  I have always wanted to go to Temple Square and take my time, look at the pictures,watch the movie, walk around the temple, and feel the spirit.  So this gift was amazing to me!!  When Jillian and I get together there is never a dull moment!! The whole ride up we sang Taylor Swift at the top of our lungs and laughed and just had an all around fun time!! Walking around Temple Square was amazing!! Looking at the paintings and reading the stories and being close to the Temple was something that I needed.  For dinner she made reservations at the top of the Joseph Smith building at the Restaurant called. The Roof!!! Oh my, it was so amazing and yummy.  Plus the view was incredible!!!  A Perfect way to end the day!!

A lot of people might think that this would be a silly present! That its something stupid! But for me it meant was PERFECT! I will never forget this day for the rest of my life!! Jillian, thanks so much for this gift!! I will always remember it!! I love you!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


On Wednesday September 14th, 2011, my cute little Grandma Hiatt passed away.   I am going to miss this lady so much. She was my best friend.  I got to spend  a lot of time with Grandma and I will never forget all the talks and laughs that we have shared. She was my beautious Grandma and I was her Girl. I love you so much Grams, and I will miss you forever!!  Happy Trails Grams!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Weekend with The Johnson Kids :)

I have had so much fun this weekend that I just had to write about it! I had the opportunity to watch my Brother Riley's kids while he and his wife Stephanie went to Moab to run a marathon! I have had so much fun since day one! Clayton, Addisyn, Brynlee and Oakley are amazing!! 

Our weekend started with a phone call to the police. Clayton was riding his bike and got bit by a dog.  All of you that know me, know that I am terrified of dogs. So in my head I was freaking out. Not Clay, he was and is completely fine. The dog didn't even break the skin. My sister Becky thought, just to be on the safe side, that we had better report it!  The Police came and we gave a report and  that was it!! The kids thought it was so cool that the Police were there!! But luckily that was the only eventful thing of the weekend!! 

Yesterday we spent the day with family!!  Cousins, cousins, and more cousins!! :) Then of course I had to take them to McDonald's.  I am the best Aunt ever, according to Bryn and Addi!! Brynlee had to bring home her Happy Meal Box and keep it so she could show her Mom!!  She is the cutest thing ever!!  We also  had Jilllian come with finger nail polish and that made the girls day! Thanks Jillian for spending time with me and painting all of their cute little fingers and toes!!

Oakley is so funny!! At the first of the weekend she didn't want anything to do with me!! But by today I am her best friend!! I love it!! She actually woke up this morning excited to see me! She keeps yelling Mama Sace! So cute!! She has the cutest little smile!! I just love her! 

Today we are having a Movie Popcorn lazy day!! I brought all of my kid movies and these kids are in heaven! I think that Addi is enjoying it the most!! She says its the perfect way to wait for her Mom and Dad to get home!! :)

I am the luckiest Aunt in the world!! I honestly have loved this weekend!! Thanks Riley and Steph for trusting me with your kids! They are amazing!  


Saturday, March 19, 2011


I will be the first one to tell you that I hate CHANGE!!!  Its hard, its emotional, and some of the time it is something that I am not a fan of.   A lot has happened to me since my last post.  Let me fill you in on a couple of things!

My Sister Keli decided that she was going to quit her job and be a Mom! I am so proud of her and her decision.  Her kids couldn't be happier and honestly I am excited for her but scared, because for me that means CHANGE.  After nine years of being her Nanny it is still to hard to let go! Keli and Buddy have always been there for me.  Keli is an amazing sister and friend! I don't know what I would do without her! She has a good heart and she is an AMAZING Mom!  Buddy is my brother and in some ways a father figure, he always watches out for me.  They both told me I could still live with them so I took them up on the offer.  I think I need time to let go.  But I still miss those kids everyday!! I miss Morgan.  Taking her to dance,  how she sings when she listens to her Ipod thinking that no one can hear her. I just miss her!  I miss Britton and his Cleaver thoughts, his smile and his laugh!  I miss Tyler and the time we got to spend together. He is my bud.  I miss Jackson, his kisses and his hugs! These are the things that I miss everyday!  I know that I still get to see them at night but it isn't the same. But a part of me knows that it is the way it should be.  Morgan loves that her Mom gets to make the decisions now. Britton is just happy because now Mom gets to watch him play sports or ride his bike. Tyler loves it because now Mom gets to pick him up everyday.  And of course Jackson has turned into a Mamma's Boy!!  That's the way it should be!!

With Keli being home the reality hit that I needed to find a job and fast.  One week went by and I got a Job!! Wow, right? ha ha Honestly, I am so grateful that I could find a job so quickly that I love!  I am a Kindergarten Aide at a local Charter School and I love every minute of it!  The Teacher I work with has become a new friend, the parents that come and volunteer are amazing and fun, and the students are so cute!! They actually like me. Being in the classroom and helping them with their work and seeing their faces when they know what the answer is,  has made me realize that this is what I want to do!  I want to teach! So, now for the next couple of years school is where I will be. And I like that Idea.

Change is hard and stupid but also good!  As much as I hate it I am grateful that it happened or Keli wouldn't be with her kids as much as she is now and that makes it all worth it, It makes me HAPPY!!  And Me?? I am okay! Live is full of change and I better get used to it! I am just proud of myself for venturing out of my box. (I love my box!) :)