Monday, March 25, 2013

11 years old!!

Time really does fly by!!  My amazing niece Morgan will be 11 years old tomorrow!! How crazy is that?  I love Morgan more than she will ever know!! I was lucky to be the one that got to spend everyday with her from the time she was 2 weeks until she was 9!! Morgan is like my little sister!! The little sister that I never had!! I love her so very much!! Here are 11 things that I ABSOLUTELY love about this girl!!
11- Her laugh!! It always brings a smile to my face
10- How sweet she is to her Brothers
9- She is her Moms best friend
8- She can now cook even if it is just make Macaroni and Cheese ( okay that is the only thing she can cook)
7- I love that she is reading this over my shoulder!! Go away Morgan!!
6- I love her comebacks!! I wish I could be that quick!!
5- She still LOVES me even though she pretends she doesn't!!
4- Morgan is such a hard worker!!
3- I love that she is still dancing!! She is amazing!!
2- I love that we have our little moments when we spend time together!!
1- Morgan and I have this tradition!! We go to Beto's every morning on her Birthday!! She loves it and NEVER forgets!!

I love my little Luva Lu!! Morgan you are an amazing girl!! You have been through so much the last year and a half and you have made it through!! You are my hero and I hope you always remember that I will always be here for you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

look what I found

One of my favorites!! Oh how I miss those blue eyes!!
I love you Britton to the moon and back again!!

Friday, January 18, 2013

My Best Friend!!

Jackson has gotten so big.  He is now four years old and I am his best friend.  He loves me and I have to say that I love him just as much if not more!! Every Friday night he ends up at my house and hangs out with me.  I have to admit that I love it.  I was so nervous when I stopped tending him.  I figured that he wouldn't remember me as much as the other kids would.  That he wouldn't love me as much, boy was I wrong!! I am so grateful for every chance I get to spend with this little guy!! I love that he tells everyone that I am his best friend!! I must admit, he is my best friend too!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Change, Regrets and ME!!!

I learned something new the past couple of weeks.   Just like a new years resolution some people choose a word that they are going to imput into their lives for the new year. I have been thinking about this long and hard and I finally decided that this is something that I am going to try this year.  So here it goes, I am sharing my word with the world and my friends.  My word is ME!!  Now, I know what some of you are thinking....that this word is stupid, right?? Well for me it is the most complicated word in my vocabulary.  I am one to always put everyones needs before my own. I feel like I don't even know myself anymore.  I am not trying to toot my own horn or anything but it is the truth.  I cannot remember the last time I actually did something for myself.  Thinking about my life and where I am makes me have some regrets.  I dont want to have any regrets.  So, this year I am going to think about ME more.   I just hope I can do it.   There are a lot of things that I need to do and let go of and this is the perfect year to accomplish this.  I need to take care of myself.  That is what I have decided.  With the support of my amazing sisters and Mom I think I can accomplish my goals and think about ME more!!  I am really excited for this.  I just hope that I can do it!!