Thursday, June 17, 2010


I know that I am CRAZY behind but I couldn't for get about Tyler's Birthday!!

Tyler turned 5 on May 5th!! I cannot believe that this little guy is already 5!! For his birthday we went to Ihop and had his favorite....PANCAKES!! Tyler also got to have Ice Cream and we sang to him!! He got the best presents ever and of course as Tyler would say.......... I LoVe them!! :) Tyler is an AMAZING little BOY!! Here are 5 things that I love about TY!!

1- He lets his MOM call him T-BABY, even when he is playing ball!!!

2- He LOVES to play sports, especially SOCCER!!

3- He's our little Rowley from 101 Dalmations........I'm hungry Mother, I'm Hungry!! So cute!!

4- He Loves that Britton and Jack and Morgan are his best friends!!

5- He has the cutest smile and laugh!!

Of course the list can go on and on!! I love Ty, he has a way of bringing a smile to your face!! Happy Birthday Tyler Ryan!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Christmas morning I got the best Christmas Present ever!! Keli , Buddy and their kids handed me an envelope with Michael Buble Tickets!! I can not express how excited and happy and in shock I was!! So on March 30, 2010 Keli and I headed to the E Center and after a Rockstar (Keli needed one) and a water for me. We headed into the concert!! I could not believe our seats, 2nd row on the side of the stage!! I was so close and super excited! Naturally 7 Opened up for them. If you have never heard of these guys you need to check them out!! They were incredible! The perfect way to start off the night!! Then it was Michaels turn........Oh I am in LOVE!!! He has the best voice and did I mention he is gorgeous......He is gorgeous!! He sang All of my FAVORITES and I didn't want the night to be over!!

I just want to tell Keli thanks so much for thinking of me when you heard he was coming!! I honestly think it was the BEST PRESENT I have ever had!! Good Luck topping it next year!!

Here are only a few of the many pictures I took!!