Thursday, March 26, 2009


Happy Birthday Luva!!

Today Morgan turned 7!! It has kind of become a tradition in the family to write as many things that you love about someone as the age they are turning, so here are Keli's seven things she loves about Morgan! ( I think Buddy would agree with her!!)!

Keli's 7 things she loves about Luva Lu!!

1- I LOVE how Morgan takes care of her brothers!

2- I LOVE how much she likes to read!

3-I LOVE how she does her own hair!

4- I LOVE her Laugh!! It is so cute and funny!

5-I LOVE how she Loves to dance!! She is our little Ballerina!

6-I LOVE it when she sings like McKenzie!!

7- and I LOVE how she loves to watch TWILIGHT over and over!! I don't know if she understands it but she loves it!!

I would have to agree with Keli on all of these!!! Morgan is such a sweetheart! I cannot believe that she is 7 already and I can't forget Baylee!! Happy Birthday Bay! I can't believe you are 12!! I love you both!! Happy Birthday!!

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Riley and Steph said...

Morgi is so dang cute! She is such a fun thing! We need to have her some play. Happy Birthday Morgan We love you!