Thursday, May 14, 2009


April 7 th was an awesome day!! Jackson rolled over for the first time! We were at Becky's house and Max was playing with him and showing him how to roll and then all of the sudden he did it!! I had to grab the camera so Keli could see it! After he tried it once then he loved doing it! Now we can't keep him from moving!! Jack is such a good and happy baby! He is getting so big and FUN!! Jackson weighed 17.8 lbs and he is 27 inches long at 3 and a half months!! Yes he is a big baby!! He loves his swing, playing with his toys and telling Morgan stories!! I love that I get to spend everyday with him!! He is changing so much!! He is a good baby!!

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Jared & Emily said...

You're nephews are so cute! I can't believe how fast time goes.. You never told me Steph and Riley had their baby girl, so cute!