Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Britton is 6!!!!


I cannot believe how time flies!! Britton turned Six on December 28th!! Here are 6 things that I LOVE about Britton!!( the list could go on and on)

6- I love it when Britton says.......Wait for it.......Wait for it!!

5- I love that no matter what his best friend in the whole wide world is Tyler!!

4-I love that Britton loves to go to school!! He is in Kindergarten and he is always excited when it is school time!!

3- I love that Britton always thinks of others!! He is such a good Brother!!

2- I love Brittons SMILE!!! He is always so Happy!!

1-I love how his brain Hatches an Idea!!

Happy Birthday Britton!!

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Riley and Steph said...

He sure is a cutie! They grow too fast.. Happy Birthday Britton!