Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Weekend with The Johnson Kids :)

I have had so much fun this weekend that I just had to write about it! I had the opportunity to watch my Brother Riley's kids while he and his wife Stephanie went to Moab to run a marathon! I have had so much fun since day one! Clayton, Addisyn, Brynlee and Oakley are amazing!! 

Our weekend started with a phone call to the police. Clayton was riding his bike and got bit by a dog.  All of you that know me, know that I am terrified of dogs. So in my head I was freaking out. Not Clay, he was and is completely fine. The dog didn't even break the skin. My sister Becky thought, just to be on the safe side, that we had better report it!  The Police came and we gave a report and  that was it!! The kids thought it was so cool that the Police were there!! But luckily that was the only eventful thing of the weekend!! 

Yesterday we spent the day with family!!  Cousins, cousins, and more cousins!! :) Then of course I had to take them to McDonald's.  I am the best Aunt ever, according to Bryn and Addi!! Brynlee had to bring home her Happy Meal Box and keep it so she could show her Mom!!  She is the cutest thing ever!!  We also  had Jilllian come with finger nail polish and that made the girls day! Thanks Jillian for spending time with me and painting all of their cute little fingers and toes!!

Oakley is so funny!! At the first of the weekend she didn't want anything to do with me!! But by today I am her best friend!! I love it!! She actually woke up this morning excited to see me! She keeps yelling Mama Sace! So cute!! She has the cutest little smile!! I just love her! 

Today we are having a Movie Popcorn lazy day!! I brought all of my kid movies and these kids are in heaven! I think that Addi is enjoying it the most!! She says its the perfect way to wait for her Mom and Dad to get home!! :)

I am the luckiest Aunt in the world!! I honestly have loved this weekend!! Thanks Riley and Steph for trusting me with your kids! They are amazing!  


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Riley and Stephanie said...

What can we say... YOU ARE the BEST EVER!!!!! Our kids loved having you! They asked when we were leaving again! I know they loved you. You made it SUPER fun for them! We are thankful you are so willing and have fun too! Thank you.. thank you!!!