Thursday, October 27, 2011

Temple Square!!!

Jillian is the most amazing cousin and best friend a girl could ask for!! She knows me inside and out. We are two of a kind! This year for my Birthday she gave me something that i will never forget.  I was told that I needed to save Saturday October 15 th just for her, so I did.  When she got to my house that morning I knew whatever we were going to do would be fun because she was so excited!! She told me that the surprise was a day at Temple Square! I was super happy!! You see, The Salt Lake Temple is my favorite.  I have always wanted to go to Temple Square and take my time, look at the pictures,watch the movie, walk around the temple, and feel the spirit.  So this gift was amazing to me!!  When Jillian and I get together there is never a dull moment!! The whole ride up we sang Taylor Swift at the top of our lungs and laughed and just had an all around fun time!! Walking around Temple Square was amazing!! Looking at the paintings and reading the stories and being close to the Temple was something that I needed.  For dinner she made reservations at the top of the Joseph Smith building at the Restaurant called. The Roof!!! Oh my, it was so amazing and yummy.  Plus the view was incredible!!!  A Perfect way to end the day!!

A lot of people might think that this would be a silly present! That its something stupid! But for me it meant was PERFECT! I will never forget this day for the rest of my life!! Jillian, thanks so much for this gift!! I will always remember it!! I love you!!

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