Sunday, December 23, 2012

Crying, its good right?

So, I did something really stupid tonight.  I watched the video that my cousin put together for Brittons funeral.  She did an amazing job.  I haven't watched this video in 9 months.  Mostly because I cant make it through without crying like a baby.  Second, because I cant tell if they are sad tears or realizing that I am going to be okay tears.  I miss Britton so much.  I know that I say that a lot on here but I feel like this is the only way that I can say it.  Britton meant so much to me.  He was a huge part of my life and it is so hard for me to think that I am going to be okay without him.  I don't want to be okay without him.  I almost don't want to move on without him but I know that is what I need to do. Britton is looking down on me and I know that he doesn't want me to be sad.  He wants to look down and see that I am doing okay.  I will never forget my little man.  I will never forget his smile and his laugh.  I will never forget him.  I am so grateful that I get to see this video and remember all of the fun times that Britton had in his life.  I know that I will cry, but that is okay because I know that I am getting through this. 

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