Monday, October 20, 2008


I am 26! CRAZY!! My birthday was awesome!! My Mom took me shopping on Saturday and spoiled me like always! I LOVED every minute of it! Yesterday was my birthday and it was awesome! Keli and the kids came and spent the day with me! They brought me balloons and a cake!! Tyler loved the cake! He would take a bite and then put his fingers in the frosting!! I loved having them over! Thanks Keli for all that you do for me you made my birthday special! My sisters took me to the Olive Garden for my Birthday dinner! I made Jillian come!! We had so much fun laughing and telling stories and eating cheesecake!! But most of all I was so excited that the waiter FORGOT to sing "Happy Birthday" to me!! Becky was mad but to tell you the truth it made my day!! Thanks for dinner girls!! All and all it was a good day! I got to share it with everyone that I love!! Most of all I get to share it with my niece Brynlee!! "Happy Birthday Brynlee, I love you lots!"


Emily said...

Happy b-day girl. It sounds like you had a great day. I still can't believe that you are older than me...only by about a month ha!

Nate and Lindsey Etherington said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SASSY JANE! I am so sorry I forgot to call you on your day! Love you!

The Morgan's said...

K stacy I had o get on and tell you happy birthday you are such a wonderful person and i love ya tons thank you for everything you do for me!You are such a great sister and friend happy birthday!!