Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Last night was the annual TRICK OR TREAT at the shop! The kids look forward to this more than anything on Halloween! The day started off crazy, Scott and Becky came over with their kids and got all ready for the party! Keli got Pizza for dinner then it was off to the Trick or Treat!! All of the kids looked so cute in their costumes! Lets see if I can remember what they all are going to be this year! Taylor is a Punk Rocker, Baylee is a Vampire, Kelsea and Morgan are flapper girls (20's Dancers), Payton is a TMNT, Clayton is a football player, Addi and Bryn are witches, Sydnee is a Monster Bride, Halli and Josie are BYU Cheerleaders, Kenzie, Mason, and Spencer are all Boxers, and Britton and Tyler are Firefighters! Wow I think I got them all, and that's just my family! Everyone was there and I don't think I could name all of them! They all looked so cute in their costumes! I love to see what they come up with each year! Morgan Britton and Tyler hit the jack pot with the candy and its not even Halloween yet! Looks like Keli and Buddy will have a lot of candy to eat! YUMMY!!!!


Nate and Lindsey Etherington said...

I wish I could have been there! I miss my family!

The Morgan's said...

It was alot of fun last night thanks for all your help getting everyone ready your the best I love ya!!

Emily said...

How fun. I love how you guys do so much as a family...it is really great. Glad you all had a fun time and got lots of candy.