Friday, December 19, 2008


Today was Britton's Christmas Program at his Preschool! He had been so excited all morning because his Mom and Dad were going to see him in ACTION!! Britton practiced and practiced all month, singing Christmas songs and learning his line: "I had the Sleigh, but just one helper wouldn't do, I was looking for a team!! " We got to his school and he went right up to where he was supposed to go and sat down. Keli was so excited that he wasn't scared to do it this year because last year she had to sit on the stage with him. Britton was so excited when he saw his Dad walk in! I think from then on all he did was smile and look at Buddy!! It was so CUTE!! The program started and the funny thing is you couldn't hear any of the kids. I thought, oh great Britton isn't going to say his line loud enough, but his part came up he stood up all smiles and looked at his Dad and said his line loud so everyone can hear! He did so good!! When it was over we got to see SANTA!! Oh man, all of the kids were jumping up and down! Tyler couldn't wait to sit on Santa's lap!! Ha ha I love Christmas!! Britton is such a good boy and he did such a good job! I know that Keli and Buddy loved it and are just as proud as I am of Britton!!