Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I can't believe that Christmas has come and gone already!! But this year was a really good year! Christmas Eve was at Becky's this year! Santa came on the Firetruck and all of the kids were so excited. Everyone sat on his lap and made a promise to their parents that they will try harder to be better next year. It was so cute. When he left it was time to sing MUST BE SANTA!! This year was fun because everyone is getting old enough to do it! After singing it FOUR times it was time to go home and get to bed! Mom and I woke up at 6:30 to open presents and then it was off to see what everyone got! Keli insisted that her kids would not wake up until eight but Mom and I thought that she was up in the night so we headed to their house early!! Good thing we did because about seven thirty came around and Keli was calling saying that her kids could not wait any longer!! We got there just in time for the fun! Morgan got everything she asked for and then some!! She was the funnest to watch open everything. She got an American Girl Doll, baby clothes, and best of all an IPOD!! Britton got GI Joes, cars, and a farm to share with Tyler. Britton was so excited about everything. His face was priceless. Tyler got cars, Horton Hears a Who, cars, a farm and did I mention CARS!! Everything he opened he would say WOW LOOK! It was so funny. He also thought that when Mommy got you this he had to give it to her! Ha ha We realized this when he would love it and then get the saddest look on his face! Then it was off to see what the other grand kids got. I think that everyone was good this year because Santa brought almost everything on their lists. My favorite part of Christmas is Breakfast with my Brothers and Sisters. I love watching to see what everyone bought for each other. This year the HOT Item was BYU and UTAH shirts. We are so divided! Its so funny. I also love to see the grand kids faces when they open what Grandma got them. The Pj's and Slippers were a big hit this year!! I think Mason was the first to put his on! Christmas is my favorite Holiday!

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Emily said...

We were all so worried when we saw the firetruck in frount of Becky's house. I thought for sure someone was hurt...and then they weren't at church (I guess they were sick) and so everyone was worried.

I am glad to find out that the family is okay and it was just Santa coming for a visit.