Friday, February 27, 2009


Last night Jillian and I went to the Rascal Flatts concert!! It was amazing!! The whole way up to Salt Lake I was so nervous because I needed to get the tickets before the show started and of course because of me, we were running late!! We got the tickets with 10 minutes to spare and that gave us enough time to go and buy a shirt! When we got into the concert I about died because we got 6th row on the floor!! AMAZING seats! We could see everything! Jessica Simpson opened the show for them! She was good but we ready to see the boys! When the lights went out we started SCREAMING, and then there they were!! RASCAL FLATTS!! Man, those three can really sing! (Not to mention Joe Don is very good looking...) Ha Ha They sang almost all of their hits and they kept the party going! We had so much fun singing and dancing, we were LOVING it!! We were having fun! I didn't want the night to end! But before we knew it, it was over!! It was AWESOME! Last night was probably one of the best shows Rascal has put on. (Trust me, I have been to a few! Ha Ha) I was so glad that Jillian went with me this year! I love going to things with her! Especially when she serenades me! :) Jillian we have always said that we were going to go see them one day and last night was a BLAST!! Thanks so much for going with me! I can't wait to go to another one!! We will definitely be saving our pennies for next year!!

Gary can SING!!! Oh I love his Voice!!

Jay is just AWESOME!!Joe Don is a HOTTIE!!


Emily said...

How awesome! YOu had incredible seats! What a great experience. I am so jealous.

alison said...

Sounds fun! Way cute hair by the way. Love!!

The Morgan's said...

Ok I am so jealous I Love those Men!!