Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Last Thursday I got a call from my AWESOME brother and sister and they had two extra tickets to the Jazz game and they wanted to know if I wanted to go! Of course I said YES and called Jillian right away! The game was awesome! Our FAVORITE player, Kyle Korver, had his first NBA start and he kicked butt the whole game. He even scored 20 points which was his highest ever! Jillian and I were so excited that we could be there to witness this happen!! ha ha! After the game we headed to our normal spot (thanks to Scott) to watch the players leave! We had our cameras ready because as most of you know we were so shocked to see Kyle last time we forgot to take a picture! This time it was COLD so we were singing and dancing trying not to freeze to death! And of course here he came and what did we do???..... The same thing as last time....... haha ! One of these times I am going to get a picture of that man! lol But here are some fun pictures that we took while we were waiting! I have so much fun with Jillian no matter what we do! I am so glad that I have her around! Thanks Jill for all that you do for me! I love you to death, and I can't wait until the 28th!!! :)

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The Morgan's said...

Hey my cute sister I am so glad you have Jill she is so cute and so are you !! Love you Tons!!