Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Two weeks ago I finally had the chance to take Brynn on our Birthday date!! I was so EXCITED and I think that she was too!! When I picked her up she was all ready to go and was excited to see me. I have to admit I was kind of wondering if she would go with me, but she just told her Mom bye and jumped in the car! The whole way to Orem she told me and My cousin Jillian all about Troy and Gabriella!! High School Musical is her FAVORITE! She even sang one of the songs! She is so cute! When we got to the mall she was excited because she knew that we were going to Build A Bear! I have never been there before but Bryn spotted the store and headed to pick out what she wanted! She picked out a Pink Fuzzy Teddy Bear, stuffed it, gave it a bath, and picked out some PJ's for it to wear! Then she named her Bear, Amelia! She was so excited that the minute we paid and were out of the store she had to get Amelia out of her little house and get her dressed! Next we put Amelia to sleep in her little house and headed for Cold Stone for some Ice cream! Bryn had to get Pink with Sprinkles and of course me and Jillian got Cake Batter with Brownies, so YUMMY! After Ice cream we headed for the car, Bryn had to put Amelia in a seat belt on the way home! She needed to be safe too!

I am so lucky to share a Birthday with Brynlee!! This is a memory that I will never forget and I hope that we can have a new one each year!! I LOVE YOU BRYN!! HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!!


Riley and Steph said...

Thanks for taking Bryn - she still talks about it! I'm glad you get to share this special day with eachother!

Emily said...

That is so cool. YOu are such a great aunt.