Monday, October 19, 2009


Friday we went to Cornbelly's and the kids had a BLAST! We went on EVERYTHING, Tyler and Britton LOVED to ride the bike/cars, Morgan LOVED the jumping pillows and I think watching the kids have so much fun was my favorite! Buddy on the other hand had fun shooting the pumpkins! Keli took the day off just for this and was so EXCITED to come with us this year but she got so sick! We love you Keli, you need to come next year for sure!

We stayed there almost all day and had so much fun with the cousins! Riding on the Hayride, Racing Ducks, Riding the Cow train, going through the Haunted BEAST, and getting lost in the Corn Maze! This has become one of our favorite things to do during October!

After Cornbelly's we went to dinner with Max and Becky and their kids! I had so much fun with the kids! We Ate and laughed and had a really fun time! Thanks Max and Becky for inviting us to come! I had so much fun!!

Wicthes Night!!

This past week we went up to Gardner Villiage for Family Night to see the Witches House! It was so fun! We got to go on a Hayride and they took us to where the Witches live! The Kids were so EXCITED and couldn't wait to see them! There were Three witches, One Purple witch, who told the kids that she Loved both BYU and Utah because red and blue make PURPLE , Another Witch named Meldew, Yes she was green and Jackson was so scared of her, and another Witch who was in all red, this was Morgans FAVORITE, she told us all about Witchs and how they make wart potions and their brooms! It was so cute! After we meet the witches we went back to the village and had dinner and then walked around to find all if the Witches that were hiding! I think that Morgan was the most EXCITED about this part! They had Witches everywhere and they were so fun to see! Jillian was scared of them after I mad the mistake of saying "What if they came alive?" , but she did get her picture taken with me even though she didn't want to touch them!!! Thanks Jig you are the best!! We even danced in the middle of the square, I didn't realize that Keli was such a good dancer and her kids loved every minute of it! This was a fun family night! Thanks Keli and Buddy for letting me and Jillan tag along! It was so much fun!!


Riley and Steph said...

Looks like fun! We wish we could have come! Next year for sure!

Weez Whetten said...

Gardner Village is so much fun! I went up there with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law during Priesthood session. The witches are hilarious! I wish I could have seen the dancing...:)