Friday, May 7, 2010

Morgan is 8!!!

I know that I am a SLACKER and I am so far behind on my Blog! But here is a New POST!! YAY!!

My little Morgan turned 8 on March 26th!! It is so crazy to me how time flies! Here is 8 things that I love about Morgan......

1- I love how Morgan doesn't stop dancing no matter how many times we ask her to!!

2-I love that Morgan would do anything for her brothers, no matter what.

3-I love Morgan's Laugh!!

4- I love how independent Morgan is. She does her own hair and gets ready for school all by her self. She is getting so big!

5- I love how Morgan has her Mom and Dad wrapped around her little finger. She is definitely the Princess of the house and we wouldn't want it any other way.

6- I love how Morgan NEVER gives up on anything. Now she can do her hand stand and back walk over all by herself!!

7-I love it when Morgan sings at the top of her lungs when she has her Ipod on. Boot Scooting Boogie is her favorite!!

8-I love that Morgan Chose to be Baptized a Member of the Church! Her Baptism was on the 27th of March and she got Baptized the same day as her cousin Jake!!

Morgan is an AMAZING Little girl!! She is definitely 8 going on 30!! She is smart and LOVES school and being with her friends!! I love my little Luva Lou and I know that her Mom and Dad agree with me!! Happy Birthday Luva!!

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