Friday, May 7, 2010


I know I am 3 Months late but I was looking at some Pictures of my Cruise and I had to share them!! I cannot believe that it was 3 Months ago!! It was so much fun and I cannot wait to go on another one!!

Sunday-board the ship- We are here and ready for some fun!!
Jillian reading the itinerary!!
Our CABIN!!! Home Sweet Home for the next week!!
Getting ready for some fun!!
Monday- Bahamas!!!!
The ATLANTIS RESORT!!! BEAUTIFUL!!! Paradise Island!!
Our Cruise ship!!
Fort Fincastle!!
This is called the Queens Staircase!! It was beautiful!! It was the only way out of the fort!! Lindsey and Jillian!! Chillin in our room after a long day walking around the Bahamas!!
We had a drill!! We had to put on our life jackets and meet at a certain point, so of course we took some silly pictures after!!
I couldn't stop looking at the water!! It was so freaky and awesome!! :)
Tuesday - Sail Day!! We decided to go to the top deck and lay out!!
Our cute toes!!!
Never lay out on day 2 of a cruise otherwise you will end up like me and Jillian and be miserable the rest of the trip!! Ouch it hurts to remember it!! Waiting for the show to start!! Nate and Linds!! I love these two!!
Wednesday- Jamaica!! I took this Picture from our cabin window!! Going back to the ship!! I had to snap this Picture!! Waiting to leave Jamaica!! We had so Much fun here!! Hiking Duns River Falls was the best!! Ya Man!! Jillian got to dance with the waiter on Italian Night!! Thursday- Grand Cayman Islands!! This is the Cruise Ship.......The COSTA FORTUNA!!!!! After Frying ourselves on day 2.... this is how we had to lay out the rest of the trip!! (don't kill me Jilian for Putting this on here) The water was so clear!! I loved this Place!! The Cayman Islands were BEAUTIFUL!! I think this was the Prettiest Place on the trip!! The Elton John Impersonator!! He was so good!! One of my Favorite shows of the week!! Best Treat EVER!!! Friday- Cozumel Mexico!! Shopping in Cozumel Mexico!! It was so fun!! I got a bracelet made for Morgan and of course a Magnet and some Playing cards!! Linds and Nate got the Most beautiful Hand Painted Bowl!! After shopping we went Snorkeling!! I LOVED it!! I took this when we headed back to the ship. A storm was on its way! Luckily we made it to the ship before it started pouring!!
Once again waiting for the show to start!! Jillian and I wanted to get these drinks when we first got on the ship...better late then never and they were so Yummy!!

Saturday- Sail day- We spent most of the day in the cabin reading and stayed out of the sun!! I didn't like that we had to leave the next day....Bright and Early!!

Lindsey asleep at the Airport!! It was a fun week but I think we were all excited to get home!!
I had so much fun on this Cruise!! I think it is the best way to take a vacation! I loved that I got to spend time with Nate and Linds and Jillian!! Thanks so much guys for letting me come on your vacation. I will NEVER forget all the fun that we had!! Love you!!


Riley and Steph said...

looks like lots of fun! I love the pics! I'm jealous!

Shelli said...

Looks like fun. I am so jealous.

Anonymous said...

You two have the prettiest feet! those ten toes are picture perfect!soo cute, delectable!