Monday, January 12, 2009


Buddy and Keli welcomed a new addition to their family this week! Jackson was born on January 7th 2009, 9lbs 10 oz, and 21 inches long! Keli is doing great! She is tired and we are both trying to get this baby thing down again! Morgan thinks that Jackson is the best! Britton doesn't quite know what to think about him! He is just glad that his Mom is finally home!! Tyler doesn't really get this whole baby thing! But he loves him and gives him kisses every once in a while!! I love the little guy!! He is so stinking cute!! Buddy has a nick name for all of his kids and so far Jackson is Jack! Jackson and Keli had a lot of visiters while they were in the hospital! Everyone has their opinion of what the little guy looks like, some say Buddy and Grandma Johnson thinks he looks just like my Dad! I guess we will see! Keli was in the hospital for four days and we were ready for her to come home by the time the fourth day came around! Buddy's Mom and sister came down and that was a BIG help to us! Britton had a hard time letting his Grandma out of his sight! It was so funny! Now they are home and Jackson knows who his Mom and Dad are for sure, all they have to do is walk in the room and talk and he wiggles and squirms! He is a very good eater and he loves to be wrapped up tight!! He is also very spoiled but who wouldn't be with a Mom and a Sister and an Aunt that holds you all the time! I am so glad that he is FINALLY here! ( I know Keli is too!!) He is changing everyday! I love him so much and I am excited to see him grow up!!


April said...

Tell Buddy and Keli congratulations, we can't wait to see him!!

Jared & Emily said...

I'm so glad you put pictures up of Jackson! I have been wanting to see him, he's so dang cute! I think he looks like Buddy. Miss you stacy!

Jared & Emily said...

By the way, I love Britton in the picture with Buddy and the kids. I think he looks like a little model, it's so cute!