Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Well a couple of months ago Jillian and I decided that we needed a Vacation and soon!! Florida was on both of our top ten lists so we figured why not!! We headed for a week of Micky Mouse, Roller Coasters and the Simpsons ride!!

Sunday July 5th we headed to the airport!! I have to admit I was a little nervous to be on a plane that long but once we got there we were ready to be gone!! We landed in Florida and the Humidity hit us right away!! I didn't think that we were going to survive the week!! ha ha Once we got to our hotel and checked in we headed to our room.......out of the corner of my eye I saw some thing move! Of course I saw a Lizard headed for our door!! I about died and freaked out thinking that it was going to come inside!! We ran to our room and shut the door fast!! That wasn't the last lizard we would see....

Monday we woke up excited!! We were heading to the Magic Kingdom!! Jillian had all of our days planned out and I just held on to her purse and followed!! We had some issues that day because of an accident that happened the night before so it took over an hour to get to the Magic Kingdom!! Once we got there we hit all of the rides and even checked out a couple of stores!! My favorite thing of the day is a toss up between Pirates and Jillian's banana!! (ha ha remember her face Jill?) But Pirates is my favorite ride, Jillian on the other hand had issues with it!! ha ha I love you Jillian!

Tuesday was by far one of my favorite days! We went to Disney Hollywood Studios!! First thing we went to was the Beauty and the Beast Show!! It was so amazing! After that we headed to the Rockin Roller Coaster!! (Linds those pics are on Jills camera) On the way to the roller coaster we found out just how fun the Florida rain is!! When it rains in Florida it pours!! We got stuck under the umbrella..... ( thanks Mom, that was the best thing I brought). The Rockin Roller Coaster is by far one of the busiest rides so we got fast passes for it and headed to other shows! We saw Little Mermaid and The Muppets 3D movie and even had some lunch!! Then it was back to the Roller coaster!! By far the best ride I have ever been on!! Standing in the rain all day was way worth it! Linds- you need to go!! All in all the 2nd day was going to be hard to beat!! Belle, Aerosmith, rain, and raisin feet!! ha ha

Wednesday we headed back to the Magic Kingdom to see the Parade and Shopping!! I of course wanted to go and ride Pirates again and Jillian was a good sport and went along with me!! ( I owe you for that Jig) The parade was fun!! All of the characters loved Jillian!! Two of them even kissed her hand!! lol I think that our favorite part of the Magic Kingdom was the Castle!! Wow, I wish I was Cinderella!! Ha ha !!! It was a fun day of shopping!! Oh ya, did I forget to mention it rained.....

Thursday we went to EPCOT!!! I cannot believe all of the stuff they have to do there!! It is so fun!! Jillian's favorite part was Honey I Shrunk the Audience!! ha ha Just Kidding!! She loved Soaring over California and I felt bad we only went on that once!! But it was by far the most popular ride at the park!! After all of the rides we headed around the lake! They have different countries that you can visit! It was so awesome to see!! Thursday was by far our tired day so after EPCOT we headed back and had a nap!! We were woken up by the Fire Alarm and had to evacuate the building!! ha ha But no worries there was no was just a little boy who thought it would be funny!! I don't think he was laughing when the fire department showed up!! Yes Thursday we learned that Every Body Comes Out Tired, fire alarms are loud and Jillian loves Michael Jackson!!

Friday we decided that we would go to Universal Studios and save the sunny day for the pool!! Well when we got there it was Hot!! The sun decided to shine!! I love the Florida sun when I can see it!! Universal was probably one of the funnest days! The Mummy Returns ride was one of my favorites!! It was CRAZY!! We went on Jaws, E.T., saw a Beetle Juice show, but I think our FAVORITE was The Simpsons!! That wasn't anything like I thought it was going to be!! It was so much fun!! After that we decided that we wanted to go and see the Shreck 4D movie! That was so much fun!! When we came out we got stuck in a thunderstorm!! It was crazy!! It lasted for an hour or two!! The lightning was hitting so close to us and it was raining so hard that we couldn't believe all of the people that kept on walking out in it!! When the rain stopped we headed to Dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe!! Yummy!!

Saturday we slept in, sat by the pool and actually soaked up the Florida sun!! It was so fun just to relax and take in everything!! I couldn't believe all of the Lizards that are there!! They would almost come up to you!! We walked around and did some shopping too!!! And once again we got caught in the rain!! Thank goodness we got smart and bought ponchos!! ha ha

Sunday was bitter sweet!! I was sad to leave but ready to come home!!

Florida is FASCINATING!! There is so much to do and you barely have time to do it all!! Thanks Jillian for going with me!! There is no one in the world that I would rather go with!! You are the best friend that anyone could ask for! I don't know what I would do with out ya!! Ramada!!


Lindsey said...

I will definitely have to go and check out my boy's ride! Thanks for the video text! You’re the best! So happy you had such a good vaca! You deserve it! Love ya!

Jared & Emily said...

I so wish I was still there to go on the rides and stuff with you two, I'm glad you had fun, I'm super jealous!!! We'll have to play when...IF, I ever get back home! Miss you!

Riley and Steph said...

Looks like you and Jillian had a blast! If we ever go as a family you will have to point us in the right direction! Love ya