Friday, October 9, 2009


Well I know that it has been a while since I have written but so far this fall life has been very busy! The kids started school.... Soccer started and ended......Utah football's season is finally here and to top it all off I moved!! So I am going to try my best to catch you up!! Warning...... this post may be LONG!! :)


Summer is over and school was here before we knew it!! Morgan was so excited about the first day of school, her teachers name is Mrs. Sayers and she is in the same class with Spencer and Jake! I still cannot believe that they are all in Second Grade!! They are going to have a good year...I hope!!

Tyler started Pre- school the same day as Morgan! He Loves school this year! His Teachers Name is Mrs. Julie and Tyler couldn't be happier!! They have already been on two field trips, Colored, learned their 5 senses and made applesauce!! Every day when he wakes up he asks if it is a school day....Lets just say he isn't happy on Tuesdays and Thursdays!!

Britton started school about a week behind the rest! He LOVES Kindergarten!! His teacher is Mrs. Tanner and he loves going to school!! Everyday I take him, he gives everyone in the car a big kiss and hug and jumps out with a smile on his face!! I love that he is so happy when he goes!!

I think that this year is going to be a good year for all three of these kids!! They love school and are happy!!


Soccer started and ended already this year!! Keli and I coached the cousin team! We had Britton, Tyler, Mason and Zac all on the same team this year! They were so cute! Britton scored goals every game and that made Ty a little mad until one game Tyler scored his first goal!! He jumped and screamed and was so excited.....After that he would get the ball and just kick it towards the goal he was closest too!! Ya he scored a lot for the other team but we were just happy that he was having fun!!

Keli was a good coach to these guys!! The Blue Bears had an awesome season and we cannot wait until next year!!


Morgan started dance this year with a BANG!! At her first dance class Keli was invited to come in and talk to her teacher. Keli was wondering what Morgan had done to get in trouble on the first day but was surprised with what they had to say......Morgan is an excellent dancer and they would like her to join their company team!! They travel and compete and last year they won Nationals!! Morgan was so excited when she heard the news and now we have a full dance schedule!! Center Stage is now Morgans second home and she loves every minute of it!! We are so Proud of her!!!


Jackson is getting so BIG!! He is 10 months now and everywhere!! He is crawling and pulling himself up and loving being a terror!! The other day we couldn't find him and he managed to get into the kitchen and pull himself up to the garbage can.....we just hope that he didn't eat anything!! Jackson also get his first tooth this month and he chews on everything!! Becky taught him patty cake and he claps along with you as you say it! His favorite thing to to is shake his head when we say NO WAY!! He loves his sister and brother and the minute they get home from school he is in heaven! Jack is getting so big and will be walking before we know it!! I just love him!!

Jillian invited me to the cabin twice this year!! I couldn't resist the invite because I love spending time with her family!! The first time we went up we had a BLAST!! Jillian and I laid in bed all day and listened to Taylor Swift and ate candy!! We even made teeth out of Starburst was fun and Yummy!! Parker and Cayson even started liking me by the time we had to go home!! They are so cute!!

She also invited me again over Conference weekend!! I have never had so much fun. We played games, Laughed, Cried and listened to conference!! Cayson even became my buddy by Saturday and I loved it!! We walked up to big the freezing cold!! It was so much fun!! Jillian and I were in charge of dinner that night and so she got out the dough for bread sticks and let it rise.....Well by the time LUNCH came the dough was HUGE!!!! HA HA But we made the bread sticks any way and I have to admit they were the best I have ever had!! Thank you so Much Shelli, Amelia, Dallin, Cam , and Jillian for letting me come up there with you!! I had so much fun!! Love you guys!!
I think that pretty much gets you up to date on us!! Life is CRAZY BUT I LOVE IT!!

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