Friday, September 26, 2008


Britton is playing Cub Soccer this year!! He was very excited to start the season!! The only sad thing about it is he didn't get on the team with all his cousins but we think that is a good thing! Britton can have a chance to do it on his own and he is doing awesome! He is on the GREEN team, and I think it is the only team of all boys!! They play three boys at a time and the coach is on the field to help them! It is so funny to watch at this age because where ever the ball goes all of the players swarm to it! They are all so cute! Britton started the season running all over trying to get the ball!! He would get so tired! Then Britton learned that if he was tired all he had to do was tell his coach and she would let him sit out for a little bit! Pretty soon Brit was tired within the first three minutes!! He is so funny! Buddy doesn't like that he figured that out but what can you do! Britton scored his first two goals in his last game! I think that Buddy and I were more excited about it than he was! Buddy would tell him "Good job Brit", and he would just say "I know Dad." and walk off! Then there is Tyler! He takes his kick it (soccer ball) and dribbles up and down the sidelines as the game goes on! He even has to wear Morgans soccer shirt from last year because Britton has one on! Don't worry Buddy, I think Tyler will be more competitive at this! He seems to love it already! Tyler can't wait for next year so he can play and score goals! At least we know Britton is having fun because he enjoys going! That is all that matters! He says the best part of playing soccer is the TREAT at the end of the game! Britton is getting so big way to fast in my opinion! I wish that he could stay little forever but that is impossible! I am just glad that he decided to play soccer! Good Job BRITTON!!!

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Emily said...

What a cutie! I am glad that everyone is having fun with the soccer this year.