Wednesday, September 3, 2008


School has started again and it's crazy how grown up everyone is getting! Morgan started the 1st grade! I was so sad to see her go all day! She says the best part of being in the first grade is eating lunch at school and also that she has tons and tons of recesses! Not to mention she is going to the same school as most of her cousins this year. Keli drove an extra 30 minutes in her commute to take Morgan to school because we had not moved yet! She is an amazing Mom! I bet now that we have moved closer she likes that we are only a couple of minutes away. Morgan chose a Hannah Montana backpack this year and she looked so cute in her PINK outfit!! Buddy and Keli, can you believe that our little peanut is in the first grade?

Britton had his first day of Pre School this morning! He was so excited to go and he looked so cute. For those of you who know Brit you know that he is very sensitive and a little emotional, so Keli didn't know what to expect when she dropped him off at school. When they got there Keli leaned down and said "Can I have a Kiss?" I guess he looked at her like oh mom and said "Maybe just a little one," that's when you know he is growing up. We worried about Brit the whole morning and when I went to pick him up he just smiled and said "Hi Stac!", his teacher said that he did an awesome job. We are so proud of him! When Keli took Britton school shopping the only thing that he would pick out was long sleeved shirts and pants. He is funny that way! He got a Kung Fu Panda backpack and Thomas tennis shoes!! He is such a cutie! I just can't believe how grown up he is.

So that leaves me and Tyler home alone in the mornings (well until baby#4 arrives)! Ty had to get a backpack like his brother and sister. He saw Elmo and wouldn't settle for anything else. Some days he will go with Keli to take the kids to school and come back and yell, "Teacher Stacy I am here!" Its so cute!! I just don't know where the time goes! I am so lucky to have a sister that will share her kids with me! They are a huge part of my life and I love them so much!! Thank you so much Keli for all that you do for me, your kids are one of the best things in my life!!


Emily said...

How cute! When do you guys move down here?

weezwhetten said...

They are so cute! It's crazy how fast the little ones grow up.

alison said...

So cute! It is hard to believe that Morgan is in 1st grade already. We miss you up in Lehi though!

Jared & Emily said...

Wow, It's crazy how much they have all changed since I've seen them last. I guess it has been a while. I'm way excited for Keli to have her next one! It'll be nice for with a little extra time when Morgan is in school.