Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I cannot believe that the summer is over! This year it went by so fast! We started the summer living in one place and ended it living somewhere else!! But hey that is a good thing! I feel like the this was the busiest summer ever. Between dance and the parades and just having fun! I had tonz of fun hiking and spending time with my brother Scott. What can I say, he is my hiking buddy!! I just hope that even though it is getting colder we still spend time together! I love you Scott!! I also spent the first half of the summer in Becky's Backyard!! That was our swimming place! We had so much fun laying there and watching the kids SPLASH each other!! I love the sun and I am going to miss it!! Becky thanks for laying out with me even though we didn't do it as much as other years!! But hey, there is always next year right!! This year the kids had the best time at the new Payson Pool! We only went a couple of times but now that we live closer I am sure that we will go more next year! The cabin was a ton of fun like always! I hate that it is almost time to close it up for the winter! Britton will miss it! Buddy's sister Krissy came and stayed with us for a week!! We had a blast going for rides and playing her IPod! Soulja Boi is Tylers favorite song now and he can sing every word!! It's so funny!! Laiton and Ashlynd came down from Wyoming to pick up Krissy and stayed the weekend!! We went to kangaroo zoo and had tonz of fun! The kids were so excited to spend time with their cousins, Aunt and of course their Grandma!! We had the Johnson swim party and lots of other fun stuff!! Grandma Johnson turned 80!! We had a big birthday party for her and Age made a video! It was awesome! She was excited!! Labor day was Rainy!! But we still had a ton of fun at the Onion days celebration!! Grandma Hiatt had the BEST food as always and I swear we all ate too much!! The girls went down to the park and walked around the booths! I don't know how we got away from the kids! I loved spending time with my sisters and Mom!! All in all it was a CRAZY summer from beginning to end! I can't even remember all that we did! But it was still a BLAST!! Best part of it was the time spent with my family!! I love all of you!!

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Emily said...

Sounds like a great summer. I am glad that you guys have moved down to Springville...it will be fun to hang out. I am not working on Fridays anymore...so we will have to have some fun girl's night outs! OKAY!?!?