Wednesday, January 21, 2009


We have a new member of the family..... Well at least Tyler thinks so!! This is Tyler's new best friend BEARY! Tyler and Beary do everything together!! They eat, drink, sleep and anything else that a three year old can think of! Beary likes to swing, ride the rocking horse, color, watch baby toons, and even take a bath when Mom isn't looking!! The other day we were eating at Becky's for lunch and the boys were sitting at the bar and of course Beary had his own seat!! Tyler just looked at me and said " Beary is hungry too," I just smiled and said "Well its a good thing he has his own seat!" Tyler shares eveything with Beary, his food, his drinks and even his little brothers blankets! Its so funny! Today Keli walked in the front room and Tyler put his finger over his mouth and said, "SHHHH Beary is SLEEPING!" I think we both had to be quit for an hour so we wouldn't wake Beary up! Tyler takes Beary everywhere and when he can't find him everyone has to drop what they are doing, Tyler will yell "BEARY WHERE ARE YOU" and we can't stop looking until he is found! I think it is so funny! I am so glad that Tyler has Beary, I know Keli and Buddy will agree! You can tell that he loves him and I know that they will be friends for a long long time!!


Nate and Lindsey Etherington said...

SO CUTE! Okay I tagged you! Check out my blog!

Taylor said...

so stinkin cute. it reminds me of Squeaky Horse... i still have that old toy. i still sleep with him on my bed too! =) i know, i'm a nerd. KIDNAP ME STACE!!
(yah happy???? i commented :P )