Thursday, January 29, 2009


I just had to show you guys just how cute my nephew is! Tyler is the only one that will go out and help Buddy shovel snow and clean off the cars! Well I was getting ready to go home a couple weeks ago and there is Ty working away cleaning off my car! I just think he is the best!! I tried to help him but he wouldn't let me! He is so funny!! Then he noticed that I was taking pictures so I had to take fifty billion of us with our Ute beanies on! The snow was coming down and he wouldn't keep his eyes open! So he would look at the picture and just say "again, again!!" What can I say, He is so stinking cute!! I am so glad that I have Tyler and Buddy to Help me on snowy days! Thanks you two you are the BEST!!
What a Guy!!

Hard at work!

They are awesome!

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Riley and Steph said...

Tyler is such a cutie - I need him to come help me next time it snows! You guys look so cute!