Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sawyer Brown!!!

Last week was so much fun!!! My sister Becky loves me so so so much!! Her friend Brenda got extra tickets to see SAWYER BROWN and asked if we could go!!!! Of course I said YES, you can't turn down a chance to see them in concert!! They are the best!! For those of you who haven't seen them you are missing out!! REALLY!!! It is one of the best concerts that I have been too!! Mark Miller, the lead singer, can dance and sing and not get out of breath at all!! I don't know how he does it!! He has so much energy!! Not to mention he is really really good looking!! Plus they have the best music!! I loved it!! Thanks so much Becky and Brenda for thinking of me!! It was a total BLAST!!! Thank you, Thank you!!!


Emily said...

Sounds like a blast. I am glad that you guys had such a great time together. I am not sure who Sawyer Brown is...but i am sure they are great. Girl's Night out is the best!

weezwhetten said...

So jealous. So, so, soooo jealous. Thanks for inviting me! Ha!