Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Owl's Game!!!

We went to the Owl's game this last week!! Scott, Buddy, Keli, Taylor, Baylee, Morgan, Kelsea, Payton, Britton, Tyler and Me!! Keli and I sat on the grass and watched the game while the kids played!! I don't think we saw the little ones the whole time!! Buddy and Scott had the good seats!! So of course we didn't see them until it was over!! Taylor slept through about half of it and Britton didn't leave Keli's sight!! Baylee was my helper!! We went and got food and treats for everyone!! Kelsea watched the little kids at the playground!! It was so fun watching the game!! Plus they have got a bunch of HOT players on their team!! Especially the catcher that warmed up the pitchers!! Hmm...DREAMY!!! Don't worry I got pictures but I think I am going to keep them all to myself!! About the sixth inning of the game we got camera happy!! I had so much fun with my girls!! Taylor and Baylee!! We had the best time snapping pictures of each other!! It lasted for what seemed like hours!! I have never laughed as much with them as that night!! Taylor is so funny she is never serious!! As you can see!!! She got so close to licking my face!! She kept getting mad cause I kept cutting her out! I swear on my life it wasn't on purpose!! I just didn't want her to lick me!! Love you Tay!! It was the funnest night!! I had fun spending time with these kids! Maybe it was because Baylee mentioned that it was fun to hang out with me!! Ha Ha!! NO its just cause I love them!! This was so much fun!! I LOVE my family so much!! I hope that we can do this again!! Thanks guys for letting me come!!


Emily said...

What a cool aunt you are! I love baseball games...you hardely even watch...but you have a blast. Good times!

Taylor said...

Ha ha ha... You know i look like a babe in those pictures!!! ha ha ha JK but anywho... i had a ton of fun with you sassy! ba ha ha ha yeah i love you!