Thursday, July 17, 2008

Catching Up!!!

Well this summer has been a Crazy one!! I thought I might catch you up on a couple of things!! First Memorial day was fun!! I spent the weekend with my mom and sister!! We went to the cabin for the day!! They were burning wood in the back and my cousin Jeff put this wood box on top of the fire!! At first it was just a little fire but when it burned through the flames grew!! I have never seen anyone run as fast as my cousins did for the hose!! Luckily they got it out in time!! I tried to get a picture of the flames but it was kinda crazy!! I love going up there and spending time with everyone!!

Then there was the Trip to Thomas the Train!! We woke up so excited and then looked out the window and it was pouring!! It was so so so cold!! And of course it was hot and sunny the day before so all we had to wear were shorts and sandals!! Ty and Britton were so excited this year!! We got to ride Thomas and meet the conductor!! Then the kids got to go to the activities!! They had trains set up that the boys LOVED!!!! They didn't want to leave!! They also had a petting zoo and of course a gift shop!! That was a chore getting Tyler out of there!! It was all in all a fun day!! Gotta love Utah weather!!!

I watched Kyles girls for like five days at the first of June!! They are so so cute!! I loved it!! We had fun just playing at Keli's and stuff!! Josie loved going there until she could hear the Peacock!! She would have to say, No, no, Peacock!! For some reason that made it better! Oh man she is cute!! Halli and Morgan danced all day long I swear!! By the time I took the girls back to there house they were so ready for bed!! I had so much fun with them!! Thanks for letting me tend ya!!

My family had a weekend at the cabin in June!! Oh man I love it up there!! Everyone was there at some point!! It was so fun!! We played cards and of course ate and ate and ate!! The kids had fun playing at little rock!! They all love to stand there and wave to those that drive by!! Oh ya, we had a drama!! Ha Ha you will have to check out Becky's Blog to get that story!! It is kinda funny!! Riley made us pancakes!! He has to from now on cause he hates the we cook them!! Cause you always throw the first batch away!!! Lol I love you Riley!! We ended the night with the best chicken tacos ever!! Oh I love those!! It was a really great weekend!! I love being with my family!!!


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Hey sassy your blog is so cute you did a great job! I love the cabin and the the best part is eating all the yummy food!!

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Hooray for your blog!